O level Maths Tuition

This will be a course that focuses on preparing students for the GCE ‘O’ Level Mathematics papers. We will begin by visiting all the topics of the syllabus before going through past year exam papers from the O levels as well as various schools.

Both E Maths and A Maths tuition are available with a group size of no more than 5. With a comprehensive resource bank of questions, students will complete worksheets of progressive difficulty with a tutor not far away to lend a helping hand.

A level Maths Tuition

JC Maths tuition is meant for H2 and H1 students. Our tutors place an emphasis on the teaching of problem-solving techniques rather than mindless practice.

The secret to performing well in Maths goes beyond drill and practice. Our we;;-qualified tutors are there to provide personal coaching and problem solving strategies.

With a small group size of no more than 5 and hence, a tutor-student ratio of 1:5, close attention is offered to every individual in our centre because we believe there are less benefits in joining a tuition class where the tutor simply repeats what students already experience in school.


S/No.A Levels (H2)O Levels (A Maths)
1Functions and graphsEquations and inequalities
2Sequences and seriesPolynomials
3VectorsIndices and surds
4Complex numbersSimultaneous equations
5CalculusExponential and logarithmic functions
6Permutations, combinations and probabilityPartial fractions
7Binomial, Poisson and normal distributionsCoordinate geometry
8Sampling and hypothesis testingTrigonometry
9Correlation and RegressionDifferentiation and integration


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