To nurture every student who comes to us to attain their full potential and achieve excellence.

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Our philosophy is that every student is able to strive for success in their academic performance. With the skills of inquiry, critical and analytical thinking acquired during the course of their learning, they will be better prepared for the challenges in life and career.

We approach our teaching using the S.T.A.R. approach as described below:

1. Socratic questioning

The art of soliciting answers from students by making them think with questions that probe deeper and deeper. We question students for their clarification, assumptions, reasons/evidences, perspectives, implications and finally, on their own questioning.

2. Targeted Remedies

Just as a doctor would prescribe medicine for specific symptoms and ailments, so too would our tutors prescribe the appropriate learning activities for every learning ability and style. Topical revisions are key to strengthening concepts that students tend to be weak in.

3. Assessment for Learning

We don’t make excuses about it. We test our students. Not so much to stress them out, but quite the contrary, we test them to help them gain confidence by knowing that they have retained, understood and are able to apply their knowledge.

Short formative assessments are given throughout the course of our programme so as to determine the students’ understanding of topics and acquisition of skills. Asssessments also aid in consolidating knowledge and is an excellent form of practice for exam answering techniques.

4. Relevance to Life

Over at Neu Learning, we try in infuse lessons that are relevant to real life. From the Physics that governs our daily routines to the Statistics used in newspaper reports, students are shown how the content in their syllabi are connected to these aspects of our lives. We will also use Big Ideas (from the Understanding by Design framework) will also highlight the interconnectedness between different topics and subjects.

Because in Neu Learning, we are “Nurturing Excellence in yoU“.

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