Physics Tuition by MOE top JC lecturers

Our Physics tuition groups are usually about 5 students. As our tutors are experienced curriculum designers and have access to years of exam papers from MOE schools, students will be working on quality worksheets specially designed by our in-house tutors.

O-level Physics Tuition

Our O-level Physics (Pure) Tuition classes are meant for Sec 3 and 4 students currently taking Pure Physics. For Sec 4 students, we will cover the units covered in Sec 4, followed by intensive revision of all Sec 3 and 4 topics from June onwards.

A-level Physics Tuition

Our A-level Physics Tuition classes are held for all JCs/CI/IP Yr 5-6 students. Classes are conducted by experienced ex-MOE teachers from top JCs.

IP Physics Tuition

IP Physics tuition can be arranged if there are more than 2 students from each school (e.g. VIP, DHS, TA). Sign up as a pair or more so as to maximise the savings!

S/NA Levels (H2)O Levels
1MeasurementsPhysical Quantities
4ForcesMass, Weight, Density
5Work, Energy and PowerTurning Effect of Forces
6Motion in a CirclePressure
7Gravitational FieldWork, Energy, Power
8OscillationsKinetic Model of Matter
9Thermal PhysicsTransfer of Thermal Energy
10Wave MotionTemperature
11SuperpositionThermal Properties of Matter
12Electric FieldsGeneral Wave Properties
13Current of ElectricityLight
14D.C. CircuitsElectromagnetic Spectrum
16Electromagnetic InductionStatic Electricity
17Alternating CurrentsCurrent of Electricity
18Quantum PhysicsD.C. Circuits
19Lasers and SemiconductorsPractical Electricity
20Nuclear PhysicsMagnetism
21Data AnalysisElectromagnetism
22PlanningElectromagnetic Induction
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