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In Pre-School years of a child, the development of recognition skills is of key importance, for example, the ability to recognise words and sounds. The period of Primary School education is the most fertile time frame for the development of analytical skills. This period of learning lays the foundation for Secondary and post-Secondary, as well as differentiate the high-ability learners from the rest. More […]

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Integrated Programme (IP) students in Singapore are gradually turning to customized tuition. The Integrated Programme was launched in selected schools in 2004. The intention of this relatively young programme is that while the GCE O Levels serve as a valuable intermediate benchmark for the majority of our pupils, those who are academically strong can benefit […]

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Recently, there have been several letters to the local newspapers expressing the authors’ frustrations with the increasingly higher expectations that schools have for their pupils.[1][2][3] This is reflected in the rise in difficulty of exam papers, as though schools are trying to outdo each other in setting the most difficult papers. Tuition centres are supposedly […]

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Categories: Blog
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