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Chemistry involves the science of matter, chemical reactions and the composition, structure and properties of matter.  Join us in our Chemistry classes, as our Chemistry Gurus guide you through the wonders of matter.  Our Gurus include junior college lecturers and school teachers who are the best in both content knowledge and pedagogy.

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Physics Tuition by MOE top JC lecturers Our Physics tuition groups are usually about 5 students. As our tutors are experienced curriculum designers and have access to years of exam papers from MOE schools, students will be working on quality worksheets specially designed by our in-house tutors. O-level Physics Tuition Our O-level Physics (Pure) Tuition classes are […]

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O level Maths Tuition This will be a course that focuses on preparing students for the GCE ‘O’ Level Mathematics papers. We will begin by visiting all the topics of the syllabus before going through past year exam papers from the O levels as well as various schools. Both E Maths and A Maths tuition […]

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JC1 and JC2 General Paper tuition classes as well as O Level and IP classes are currently available. We aim to enable students to: Understand better the world in which they live by fostering a critical awareness of continuity and change in the human experience Appreciate the interrelationship of ideas across disciplines Broaden their global outlook while enabling them […]

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